The Lennox and Addington Historical Society Foundation

The Lennox and Addington Historical Society Foundation

First incorporated in 1986 the principal objective of the Lennox and Addington Historical Society Foundation is to provide a reliable and ongoing source of funding for the Lennox and Addington Historical Society.


Who is The Lennox and Addington Historical Society?

     The Lennox & Addington Historical Society was founded in May of 1907. Since then it has taken an active and evolving role in the collection, preservation, exhibition and publication of historical materials with a particular focus on the history of Lennox & Addington County.

    In those early years members would eagerly conduct research and present papers on items of local history at the monthly Program Meetings. The presented papers were proudly collected and published as books. Now, as the Historical Society enters its second century the monthly General Meetings are a little less formal but just as interesting now as they were in 1904. For example recent topics have ranged from the truly local, the forty or more cheese factories that once operated around Lennox and Addington county to the distant exploits of the corvette H.M.C.S Napanee during the Battle of the North Atlantic.

     Since 1977 the Historical Society and the government of Lennox & Addington County have cooperated in an arrangement that it unique in Ontario. An arrangement that allows the Society to exhibit its growing collection of artifacts for enjoyment by everyone from school field trips to local history buffs within a professionally managed museum. The collections primary focus is preserving our local history and it grows through acquisitions and donations to the Lennox & Addington Historical Society.

    In 1962, as it teetered on the verge of demolition the Historical Society undertook to rescue and restore the home of one of Napanee's founding citizens. Now at the Allan Macpherson House we have a living museum. Not only is this Georgian style mansion an accredited museum but a busy link to local heritage. Since it opened in 1967 is has become an active hub of community events. From Spring Break to Christmas at the Laird’s, hardly a week goes by without some event or another.

This is just some of who and what the The Lennox and Addington Historical Society is and that is without even mentioning our collection of archival documents, our published books or our heritage building plaque program.  Click on this link to return to the L&A Historical Societies main page.

Why A Foundation?

    In the forty years since it reopened the programs occurring at Macpherson House have developed a wide audience.Which has brought more visitors, longer operating hours and more trained staff with supporting volunteers. This success has not been without costs and while local and provincial governments have been generous there is no predicting what future cost cutting measures might be. Or how they might impact on the number and size of operating grants awarded to community museums. Indeed there was no certainty that any grants would be available.

    This was a significant consideration when the Lennox and Addington Historical Society incorporated the L&A Historical Society Foundation in 1986.  The principal objective in setting up the Foundation was to provide an ongoing and predictable source of funding for the Historical Society. Interest from the fund would supply a long term and predictable source of income.

What Is The Foundation?

    Although the names and goals are similar the Lennox and Addington Historical Society Foundation (the Foundation) is a separate organization or company from the Historical Society. It is an independently incorporated organization with three independent directors. These directors are appointed by the Historical Society Executive but there decisions may be completely independent of the Historical Societies Executive. During their three year terms of office the directors have sole responsibility for managing the funds and distributing the income.

For 2007-2009 those directors are: Mr. Jack Weese of Napanee, Mr. Tom Sylvester of Amherst Island and Mr. David Casemore of Greater Napanee.

The objective is to provide the Historical Society with a steady income. This is done by investing and reinvesting the principal while only the interest being earned is distributed. This means that your contribution to the Fund would help the Historical Society for years to come.

Each year it would help by earning interest year after year.

It is the original gift that keeps on giving.



Since the Foundation became active, over 10 years ago. People have generously have donated more than $93,000 to the fund. Every year the interest that money generates has been disbursed by the Trustee's of the Fund and that money has stayed here in the local economy.

Helping to preserve and protect heritage in Lennox and Addington County. As the Historical Society has approached its centennial year the majority of the disbursed funds have gone to help preserve and protect Allan Macpherson House by supporting the operations budget.




Just like the Historical Society,  the L&A H.S. Foundation is a registered with the Canada Revenue Agency as a charitable organization, our Registration number is 119013340RR0001. (click here for a link to the CCRA's web site that opens in a new window.)

So not only will your donation help now and in the future. It will help you this year when it is acknowledged by the federal government with a  tax deductible receipt. Finally as a organization that provides charitable receipts the Fund is required to file annual returns and prepare an annual report for the federal government. Those reports and a more detailed report on the annual distribution of funds is available for anyone who writes us and requests a copy.


Where Do You Come In?

If you are thinking of making a contribution to the Foundation then a question my may wish to consider is not who should I share my wealth with but what are my goals with my donation?

Does the organization I am considering share my goals or do I share theirs?

These are not minor questions but the preceding paragraphs are an attempt to demonstrate who the L&A Historical Society is and what we have done in our first century. If you would like to help the Society we would welcome your help. Membership in the Lennox and Addington Historical Society is open to all individuals and families.

How Do You Give?
You can always give your time.
Your enthusiastic support is always welcome.
Donations in kind of materials and sponsorship.
There is always a need for willing hands to share the work at Macpherson House.

You Can Also
Give a legacy in your will.
Give pledges for further years.
Give a cash donation immediately.
Give through an Endowment trust.

The best place to start is by becoming a member of the Lennox & Addington Historical Society (a link to the membership page)

There are many ways that you can help preserve our heritage. Please contact us for more information by either mail or e-mail.

The Foundation Trustee's
Lennox and Addington Historical Society
P.O. Box 392
Napanee, Ontario Canada
K7R 3K9
Or email us:



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